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Pedestrian Hit, Killed by Sheriff’s Deputy in Brandon


A man was killed after he was hit by a car driven by an off-duty sheriff. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of August 27 in the 800 block of Wheeler Road in Brandon, Florida.

The  39-year-old sheriff’s detention corporal did not even realize he had hit a pedestrian. After the crash, he got out of his personal vehicle and saw several garbage cans knocked over. There was some damage to his vehicle. He said there was no need to send a deputy, since he assumed nobody else was involved.

However, 25 minutes later, a 911 call was received. Somebody reported a person on the ground, in the same area. Deputies found a 54-year-old man dead at the scene.

It was determined that the sheriff’s deputy had hit the man, who was standing by the garbage cans at the time of the crash. It is unknown if he was in the road.

The sheriff’s deputy had been with the department since 2004. Since the accident occurred while he was off duty, he will not face any changes or be forced to take administrative leave. However, the State Attorney’s Office will review the case. 

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents 

There are many pedestrians in Florida, since the state is known for its beautiful weather. However, walking is not always the safest route. Motorists are not always careful to look for pedestrians in the roadway, which leads to many accidents.

Pedestrian crashes happen in various ways. Unfortunately, many happen at unmarked crosswalks. At intersections, motorists are often focused on their next move and not always paying attention to people crossing the road. At unmarked crosswalks, motorists are not expecting to see pedestrians, although pedestrians always have the right of way.

Distractions can also lead to pedestrian crashes. However, this works both ways. While drivers are often distracted by phones and other devices, so are pedestrians.  In fact, many are so caught up in their phones or music that they have bumped into vehicles at intersections. Being cautious and alert can help prevent these crashes.

Alcohol use is also an issue. However, in pedestrian accidents, the pedestrians are the ones who are more likely to be intoxicated than drivers.

Visibility is also an issue. Many crashes occur at night because pedestrians are often harder to see. This is especially true at dimly lit intersections. In addition, many pedestrians fail to wear light or reflective clothing. Dark clothing makes it even harder to see a pedestrian at night.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today 

Anyone who drives a motor vehicle must always be on the lookout for pedestrians and other hazards on the roadway. A pedestrian accident can lead to serious injuries and even death, as seen in this case.

If you or a loved one was injured in a pedestrian accident, seek legal help to understand your rights.  The skilled West Palm Beach pedestrian accident lawyers at Pike & Lustig, LLP can help you recover compensation for damages. Contact us today by filling out the online form or calling 561-291-8298. We have offices in West Palm Beach, Wellington and Miami to serve you.



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