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Pike & Lustig Wins in Appellate Court: Circuit Court Judge’s Ruling Reversed


In the case of Thomas G. Hinners, Mary J. Wamser and Florida Affordable Housing, Inc. (Appellants) v. Brian J. Hinners (Appellee) in Florida’s District Court of Appeal’s 4th District, Pike & Lustig Partners Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig represented the Appellants in their request to reverse the judge’s ruling on their case in circuit court.

Pike & Lustig argued that nonfinal orders denying their motion for prejudgment writ of replevin and granting temporary injunction of Appellee Brian Hinners should be reversed and the temporary injunction should not have been entered. Citing precedent, attorneys Pike & Lustig argued that the Appellants deserved possession of the checkbook and check card for the Florida Affordable Housing, Inc. (FAHI) company that the Hinners had founded together. After a thoroughly hard-fought case, the judge sided with the Appellants. Pike & Lustig proved that the trial court erred in entering the temporary injunction and denied the Appellants’ prejudgment of writ of replevin. The court reversed in part and remanded for the trial court to dissolve the temporary injunction and issued a prejudgment writ of replevin successfully granting possession of those financial entities to the Appellants.

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