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Priscillia Presley Faces Lawsuit from Former Business Partner

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According to a report from Billboard, Priscillia Presley—the daughter of music legend Elvis—is being sued by a former business partner. Brigitte Kruse—who argues that she saved Mr. Pressley from serious financial problems—is bringing a claim on the grounds of breach of contract. Here, our Miami partnership dispute attorneys provide a more detailed overview of the case.

The Allegations: Breach of Contract 

Priscilla Presley is locked in a legal dispute with her previous business partner (Brigitte Kruse). Ms. Kruse accused Ms. Presley of breach of contract. More specifically, the breach of contract claim contends that Ms. Presley improperly terminated the business relationship shortly after Ms. Kruse provided services that saved Ms. Presley from serious financial issues. A partnership business was formed called Priscilla Presley Partners (PPP).

Notably, Ms. Kruse owned a 51 percent stake in that business, Ms. Presley owned the other 49 percent. The partnership was used to manage and capitalize on name, image, and likeness. However, Ms. Kruse contends that Ms. Presley undermined the partnership—and breached their contract—by suddenly ending all ties between the parties in the Summer of 2023. For her part, Mr. Presley contends that Ms. Kruse engaged in financial misconduct.

Note: There is a secondary procedural legal matter in this case. Ms. Presley—who is based in California—argues that Florida does not actually have jurisdiction over the dispute. The business partnership (PPP) is based in Florida.

Business Partner Relationships are Often Formalized By Contract 

Florida law governs partnership businesses. The parties to a business partnership in Florida owe each other limited fiduciary duties, including the duty of care and duty of loyalty. That being said, business partnership relationships—whether a structured partnership, such as a limited partnership (LP) or another type of relationship, such as a joint venture—are generally based on contracts. Partnership agreements delineate roles, clarify responsibilities, provide the structure of profit-sharing mechanisms, and can even determine procedures for dispute resolution.

 Proving Liability in a Breach of Contract Claim Requires Damages 

What happens when one business partner brings a legal claim on the grounds of breach of contract? To start, they will have to prove liability by presenting comprehensive evidence that demonstrates that their counterparty (business partner) actually breached the terms of the agreement. Beyond that, they will generally also be required to establish their damages to bring a successful legal claim.

Indeed, the essence of a breach of contract case in Florida—including in a partnership dispute—hinges on establishing a link between the breach and actual losses. Without damages, there may not be a viable claim.

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