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Professional Boxer Ordered to Pay Former Associate Damages for Unjust Enrichment

According to reporting from USA Today, a Florida jury has ordered world champion boxer Canelo Alvarez to pay his promoter damages in relation to a business contract dispute. The court found that compensation was entitled on the basis of unjust enrichment. If you have any questions about unjust enrichment, or breach of contract claims in general, contact an experienced West Palm Beach commercial litigation attorney for legal help.

Unjust Enrichment in the Canelo Alvarez Case

Felix Zabala managed the company All Star Boxing. He was the former promoter of Mr. Alvarez. The court found that All Star Boxing, and Mr. Zabala, took considerable effort to help advance Alvarez’s career. Among other things, this included assisting Alvarez with the immigration process, as the boxer was originally from Mexico. Further, the court found that All Star Boxing put extensive resources into advancing Alvarez’s American boxing career. However, as his career was launching, Alvarez decided to sign a contract with Golden Boy Productions, a competing promotion firm. This led All Star Boxing to bring a breach of contract claim against Alvarez. In the end the Florida court found that no valid contract ever existed between the two parties. However, there was still enough evidence to award All Star Boxing damages on the basis that Alvarez unjustly enriched himself at the expense of the company. Many people falsely believe that no contract means that no damages can be awarded. A court can still award damages without a valid contract if the elements of unjust enrichment are established.

The Elements of Unjust Enrichment

Generally, recovery for unjust enrichment occurs only when the court finds that there was no valid contract between the parties. To prevail in an unjust enrichment claim, a party must simply prove that:

  • The defendant was enriched;
  • At the expense of the plaintiff; and
  • Considerations of equity and good conscience permit corrective court action.

Unjust profit can occur as the result of active and intentional efforts or as a result of passive and unintentional activity. Fraud is not a required element of an unjust enrichment claim. Ultimately, these type of claims leave wide latitude for courts to make qualitative judgments. If you believe that you were the victim of unjust enrichment, or another party is bringing this type of claim against you, it is critical to get your case in the hands of an experienced attorney as soon possible. Remember, even if no enforceable contract exists, there may still have been damages in your case. Your contract dispute attorney can review the individual circumstances of your case and determine how to best protect your interests.

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