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Reducing Medical Liens After Settlement

After a personal injury settlement, clients are required to resolve medical lien from services received from physicians and providers. Many clients are surprised of the requirement to reimburse health insurance carriers, especially when their injuries are caused by a their-party. This is, however, the law.

At our office, we will negotiate the liens for you and pay the providers for you. In fact, every dollar we save is an extra dollar recovered by you.

For a general idea of what dictates the claim, here are some items to take into consideration:

  • The insurance industry’s own statistics confirm that once an attorney is brought into a claim, the value of the claim goes up.
  • The attorney has the duty of informing the client of all potential elements of recovery.
  • Settlements and judgments are final, which means that if a client obtains a judgment or settlement, she will receive the final disposition of the case forever.
  • Clients should be cautious when an attorney is negotiating a fee. Essentially, clients get what they pay for, and want an attorney who will add value to a case instead of taking it away.

Overall, the best way to reduce medical liens after a settlement is for clients to work with an attorney who will negotiate medical bills to a lower amount due an owing. We will handle that for you at our firm. While the client takes on the responsibility for any incurred medical bills, hopefully the settlement that comes through will cover those costs.

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