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Report: Some Non-Traditional Nursing Homes Fared Better During COVID-19 Pandemic


According to a report from The Washington Post, a number of different non-traditional nursing homes have fared better than their more traditional counterparts during the COVID-19 pandemic. In effect, some facilities were able to prevent any patient/resident exposure to the virus. This stands in sharp contrast to some traditional nursing homes that were hit hard by outbreaks.

Stopping and limiting the spread of the virus is especially important in nursing homes as COVID-19 poses a life-threatening health risk to many senior citizens and immunocompromised people. Here, our West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyers provide an overview of the report and some of the lessons that we can draw from the successes cited.

Positive Example: Emphasis on Good Living Conditions, Proper Staffing   

The story cited in The Washington Post focuses on two small, non-traditional residential facilities. One, the Goodwin House, is located in Alexandria, Virginia. The second, Woodlands at John Knox Village, is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Unlike many traditional nursing homes, which experienced severe and fast-spreading COVID-19 outbreaks, both facilities were spared. Indeed, only one of the 140 residents at John Knox contracted the COVID-19 virus. The spread was limited even though South Florida endured a major outbreak.

Reporters who reviewed the conditions at Goodwin House and the Woodlands at John Knox found out why. The facilities put a strong emphasis on good living conditions for residents. Indeed, each resident has a private room. Additionally, both facilities are properly staffed and their nurses are well-trained and fairly compensated. When the COVID-19 virus hit the broader communities in their region, managers took action to develop a plan to test residents and stop any spread of the virus.

No ‘New Age’ or ‘Secret’ Answer: A Focus on the Basics  

Often, the term ‘non-traditional’ conjures up images of ‘new age’ or otherwise unusual solutions. However, in these cases, the non-traditional facilities simply focused on what we know works to fight the virus. The nursing homes that fared better than their counterparts during the COVID-19 outbreak—whether traditional or non-traditional—did so by developing a comprehensive plan to prevent the virus from entering the facility and taking immediate action to address any potential exposure. Their success comes from their focus on the basic things that matter in the area of nursing home safety. These facilities provided residents with clean, spacious, sanitary living conditions and they were well-staffed by competent qualified nurses and health aides. Unfortunately, a large number of assisted care facilities in Florida failed to protect their vulnerable residents.

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