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Resolving A Business Partnership Agreement Over An Uneven Workload


Partnerships can be complex businesses. By the very structure of the business, the partners must rely on each other—including to pick up their fair share of the workload. What happens if one partner is not caring about their weight? It could lead to hard feelings, business issues, and even a legal conflict. Here, our West Palm Beach business partnership dispute attorneys highlight the key considerations about partnership disputes over uneven workloads.

Five Steps to Consider for Partnership Disputes Over an Uneven Workload 

  1. Carefully Assess the Situation 

Begin by objectively assessing the current workload distribution. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the issue before attempting to resolve it. Evaluate the tasks each partner is responsible for, and determine if the workload is indeed uneven. Gather evidence.

  1. Refer to and Review Your Partnership Agreement 

In Florida, your partnership is largely governed by your partnership agreement—at least as it pertains to issues like workload. Refer to and review the partnership agreement for any clauses related to workload distribution, dispute resolution, or decision-making processes. Reviewing the agreement can help clarify the original intent and provide a basis for negotiations. 

  1. Communicate Your Concerns to All Business Partners 

Once you have assessed the situation, arrange a meeting with your partner to openly discuss the issue. Honest and transparent communication is crucial to addressing any problems in a partnership. Both partners should express their concerns, feelings, and expectations related to the workload. 

  1. Consider All Options for an Amicable Resolution 

With partnership disputes, it is always recommended that you start by looking to find an amicable solution. After discussing the issue, brainstorm possible solutions together. This process should be collaborative and involve input from both partners. Some potential solutions may include:

  • Redistributing tasks based on each partner’s strengths and preferences;
  • Hiring additional staff to alleviate the workload;
  • Implementing time management and productivity tools to improve efficiency; and
  • Reevaluating and adjusting the business goals and objectives. 
  1. Be Ready to Take Legal Action 

Your time matters. As a business partner, it is imperative that you know how to protect yourself and your business. Amicable solutions are generally best for partnership disputes. Of course, not every case can be resolved through negotiation or mediation. You may need to take legal action. Do not navigate the process alone. The sooner that you consult with an experienced Florida partnership dispute attorney, the better positioned that you will be to obtain the right solution for your situation. A proactive approach is essential in these types of commercial law cases.

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At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our West Palm Beach business partnership dispute attorney is a skilled and effective advocate for clients. If you have any questions about a dispute over an uneven workload, we are here to help. Contact our law firm today for immediate help. We have law offices in West Palm Beach and Miami and we handle partnership disputes throughout the area.

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