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School Bus Accident Reported in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Business Litigation Attorney 2023-01-26 16-49-13

According to a report from Yahoo News, a school bus was involved in an accident on Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was a significant crash, the driver was taken to a local hospital for an evaluation. The bus is associated with The King’s Academy, a private school serving Palm Beach County.

Thankfully, no students were aboard the bus at the time of the accident. Still, the crash serves as an unnerving reminder for parents of school bus safety risks. In this article, our West Palm Beach school bus accident lawyer highlights five key steps that parents should take if their child was hurt in a school bus accident/incident.

  1. Get Your Child All Necessary Medical Care 

Following any accident, your child’s health must be your primary concern. It is crucial that they get all necessary medical attention promptly to diagnose and treat any injuries. Some injuries may not show immediate symptoms. Waiting to seek medical help can worsen their condition. A thorough medical examination is a must. 

  1. Ensure the Crash is Reported to Law Enforcement 

The school bus drivers—and any other motorists involved—have a duty to report a crash to law enforcement. Confirm that they did so. Law enforcement offices should be notified immediately. They will document the scene, gather eyewitness accounts, and potentially even make a preliminary assessment of fault. 

  1. Notify the School that Your Child Was Injured 

Give prompt notice to your child’s school (whether public or private) that they sustained an injury in the bus accident. Remember, it is their responsibility to provide a safe environment for students, including transportation. A school bus crash should be comprehensively investigated. 

  1. Document Everything You Have About the Accident/Injuries 

Maintaining comprehensive documentation is a critical step in handling any accident involving your child. This includes medical records, law enforcement reports, correspondence with the school, photographs of injuries or damage to the bus, and testimonies from witnesses. Any expenses related to the accident should also be meticulously tracked. 

  1. Seek Professional Legal Representation

Child injury claims—especially in school bus accident cases—can be extremely complex. You do not have to figure out the entire process alone. Be sure to consult with an experienced South Florida school bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after a serious collision. Your attorney can review the case, protect your rights, and let you know exactly what you need to do next to get justice for your child and your family.

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At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our West Palm Beach bus accident attorneys have the skills and legal experience to handle school bus accident cases. If your child was hurt in any type of school bus related incident, we are more than ready to help your family get justice and accountability. Contact us today to set up a free consultation. Our firm handles school bus accident claims in West Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and throughout the entire region in South Florida.



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