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Teaming Agreements: Disputes


Two or more businesses may join together in a temporary or ongoing partnership in an effort to achieve a common purpose. A teaming agreement is a contract that multiple parties enter in order to submit a joint bid on a contract. Of course, as with any type of contract, disagreements or disputes can arise. In this article, our Miami partnership disputes lawyers explain the key things you should know about teaming agreement disputes. 

Teaming Agreements: Know the Basics 

Many state and federal government agencies solicit bids for projects from private companies. Often, government projects are significant in their scope—meaning small and mid-sized businesses may not be in a position to take on an entire contract on their own. A teaming agreement helps to resolve this type of issue. With a teaming contract, multiple companies can join together to submit a joint bid on a government project—with one as the primary contractor and another as a subcontractor. 

Four Steps to Take If You are Locked in a Dispute Over a Teaming Agreement 

Business projects are complicated. Even when companies are on the same side, disagreements can arise. In some cases, a disagreement can run into a full blown dispute. A partnership and/or teaming agreement dispute can cause serious damage to the business. Here are four steps to take if your small business is involved in a dispute over a teaming agreement:

  1. Be Proactive: Teaming agreement disputes should not be allowed to linger. In some cases, a relatively modest disagreement can get much worse if action is not taken to address the issue. When issues arise between companies linked together through a joint contract, it is crucial that immediate action is taken.
  2. Get Organized: Organization is a key to resolve a business partnership dispute. As early as possible, you should gather all relevant documents, records, and information. The more details, the better position you will be in to find an effective resolution.
  3. Look for Collaborative Solutions: A dispute over a teaming agreement does not need to result in litigation. Indeed, partnership disputes, joint venture disputes, and teaming agreement disputes are frequently good options for business mediation or other forms of informal negotiation.
  4. Call a Florida Partnership Dispute Lawyer: Unfortunately, not all teaming agreement disputes can be easily solved. If your company is locked in a protracted dispute with another business on a joint government contract, professional guidance and support is available. A skilled Florida partnership dispute attorney will protect your rights. 

Get Help From Our Florida Partnership Law Attorney for Immediate Assistance

At Pike & Lustig, LLP, our Miami partnership lawyers have the professional skills and legal expertise to represent clients locked in a dispute regarding a teaming agreement or similar contract. We will help you find the best path forward in your case. Call us now to arrange a strictly private initial appointment with an attorney. Our law firm provides business litigation services in Miami, Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, and throughout South Florida.

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