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Tragic Car Accident Kills Miami-Dade Police Captain


According to a report from WPLG Local 10, Tyrone White, a 59-year-old Miami-Dade Police Captain, was killed in a tragic car accident in Broward County, Florida. His wife, Lisa White, was also hospitalized in critical condition for her injuries in the collision. The devastating car crash made national headlines as Tyrone and Lisa White are the parents of star NFL running back James White.

Based on preliminary findings, authorities believe that a 2018 Subaru WRX slammed into the Volkswagen Passat being driven by Lisa White as she was making a left-hand turn. Though, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office is still conducting a more comprehensive investigation of the collision. At the time, authorities have not declared either party to be at fault for the wreck.

Witness Statements: Vehicle Struck a Curb and Rolled Over 

Witnesses report that the force of the collision sent the Volkswagen Passat sliding into a nearby curb. Upon impact, the vehicle rolled over and the roof collapsed in. It eventually came to rest on the sidewalk. Emergency service personnel were immediately dispatched to the crash site.

Due to the extent of the damage, both Mr. and Mrs. White were trapped inside the vehicle. They were extracted by a Broward County fire and rescue crew. Sadly, Mr. White was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Mrs. White was airlifted to an emergency medical center in Hollywood, Florida.

Rollover Collisions are Extremely Dangerous 

The crash serves as another heartbreaking reminder of the dangers of rollover collisions. Only a small number of vehicles rollover. In fact, rollovers account for a small and decreasing percentage of all auto accidents reported in the United States. However, these crashes make up a significant percentage of fatal and catastrophic wrecks. The Department of Transportation (DOT) estimates that rollovers accounts for nearly one in every three traffic deaths reported nationwide.

In many cases, rollover accidents are triggered by a vehicle being “tripped”—meaning some type of object or barrier, often a curb, was responsible for causing the vehicle to turn over. Indeed, tripping is one of the primary causes of rollovers. While rollover-prevention technology has improved in recent years, we have a long way to go to make our vehicles as safe as possible. Vehicle manufacturers need to do more to ensure that the latest car technologies both limit the risk of a rollover and protect the occupants in the event that one occurs. 

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