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What Options Do I Have If I Was a Victim of Consumer Fraud in Florida?

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Were you the victim of consumer fraud? It is normal to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and ready to fight for justice. This raises an important question: What legal options are available for consumer fraud victims in Florida? Here, our West Palm Beach FDUTPA lawyer answers the questions by providing an overview of your options if you were a victim of consumer fraud in Florida.

Option #1: You Can Notify Financial Institutions and Protect Your Accounts 

Were you the victim of consumer fraud in Florida? A first option that you have is taking immediate action to protect your accounts and to protect yourself from facing additional financial damages. Among other things, this typically means contacting banks or credit card companies/ Let them know about the fraud. They can watch for suspicious activity and, potentially, block any unauthorized transactions that might still come through. Be proactive.

 Option #2: You Can Report the Fraud to the Authorities (Criminal and Civil)

 Reporting the fraud to private financial institutions is a good starting point. Your next option is to escalate the matter to the authorities. Contact the Florida Attorney General’s Office. They handle consumer fraud cases and can guide you on what to do next. Also, consider filing a report with your local police. This creates a legal record of the incident, which can be useful later on. You can also report to federal agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC ).

Option #3: You Can File a FDUTPA Lawsuit 

How do you get compensation for your fraud losses? The authorities may sometimes be able to help, but you are generally better off taking the civil right. You can file a lawsuit against the responsible party under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA). The FDUTPA is a law that provides strong legal protections to consumers and businesses alike. If a business or any individual engaged in commerce has deceived or treated you unfairly, you can sue them under this act. Through this type of claim, you may be able to get compensation for your losses. A lawyer can help you file a lawsuit for damages under the FDUTPA.

A Lawyer Can Help You Determine What Comes Next 

Of course, the three options mentioned above are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary, in many consumer fraud cases the victim will want to pursue all three of these options. No matter the circumstances that you find yourself dealing with, a top-tier Florida consumer fraud lawyer can conduct a comprehensive review of your case, answer your legal questions, and take action to help you secure justice and the maximum financial recovery for your damages.

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