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Your Guide to Florida’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws (2020)


Motorcycle helmet laws vary from state-to-state. If you operate a motorcycle, you must comply with the applicable law. As Florida’s motorcycle helmet laws are somewhat complex, there is some confusion about a rider’s legal responsibilities. In this article, our Miami motorcycle accident lawyers explain what you need to know about Florida’s motorcycle helmet laws.

Florida Law: Motorcycle Helmets are Required (With Exceptions)  

In some states, motorcyclists are required to wear a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved safety helmet whenever they operate their bike on public roads. In other states, motorcyclists are largely permitted to ride without a helmet. As of 2020, Florida’s motorcycle helmet laws fall in the middle of this spectrum. Our South Florida motorcycle accident injury attorneys want to make sure that everyone knows the law. Here are the three most important things to know about Florida’s motorcycle helmet laws:

  1. Young Riders Must Wear a Safety Helmet: Motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers who are under the age of 21 must wear a helmet at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  2. Other Riders May Be Exempt With Proper Insurance: Motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers who are 21 years old or older may be exempt from Florida’s motorcycle helmet requirement only if they obtain insurance coverage that provides a minimum of $10,000 in no-fault personal medical benefits for a motorcycle crash.
  3. All Riders Must Wear Eye Protection: All motorcycle riders and motorcycle passengers in Florida are required to wear eye protection when on public roads. Even if exempt from the motorcycle helmet law, a biker still needs to wear eye protection.

Motorcycle Helmets Prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries and Save Lives 

Regardless of their duties under Florida state law, all motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers should wear a safety helmet. The evidence is overwhelming: Motorcycle helmets prevent traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and save lives.

According to the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, highway safety authorities estimate that more than 1,800 lives are saved by motorcycle helmets every year. For the most part, motorcycle helmets save lives by reducing severe brain injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has found that wearing a motorcycle helmet will reduce a rider’s risk of suffering a brain injury by nearly 70 percent.

Do not take chances with your health and safety: Wear a motorcycle helmet every time you get on your bike. Not only will it reduce your risk of being injured, but it may make it easier to recover financial compensation if you are involved in a crash. 

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