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Rapper 50 Cent Reaches Multimillion Dollar Settlement in Legal Malpractice Case

By Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig |

According to reporting from the American Lawyer, performing artist Curtis Jackson III, better known by his stage name ‘50 Cent’, has reached a $14.5 million settlement in a legal malpractice case. This settlement was reached with Garvey Schubert Barer (GSB), a law firm that represented the rapper in business negotiations and arbitration proceedings with… Read More »

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What To Do If You Have Encountered A Legal Malpractice Claim

By Michael Pike and Daniel Lustig |

As attorneys, we know how personally how hard most of us have worked for our credentials and licensing. We sympathize with any professional whose livelihood and passion is threatened by a legal malpractice suit. In this post, we have compiled some suggestions for legal professionals who have been targeted by legal malpractice suits. If… Read More »

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Legal Malpractice Claim by Bank Against Attorney After Fraudulent Wire Fraud

By Michael Pike |

A lawyer in Illinois has been sued by a bank after he was allegedly fraudulently duped by a fake client. He was tricked into wiring half-a-million dollars without sufficient proof that the client was authentic. Attorneys and law firms have become a major target for online scams. The “Nigerian prince” scams of years past… Read More »

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